• Holistic Services

  • Dr. Jaynes is proud to provide our patients with Holistic Services

    Pure Implant:  Ceramic/Zirconium

    The pure, Straumann, ceramic implant system can grant an esthetic, natural looking and strong treatment for our patients.  They will benefit from all the highly esthetic advantages of a natural looking ceramic implant, ivory colored like a natural tooth specifically with cases of thin gingiva biotypes not shining through.  You can rely on our high-performance zirconia ceramic material, which is even stronger than the gold standard, grade 4 titanium implants.  

    Ozone Generator: 

    Why not use the power of oxygen into promoting, healing and elimination of harmful microbes.  Ozone (O3) is a powerful naturally occurring substance that is truly broad-spectrum with no toxicity or side effects. Ozone in therapeutic doses (ozonated water) aids in tissue health regeneration through the elimination of pathogens and periodontal disease.  There are several benefits such as, improved blood flow, killing microorganisms, and improving immune response. In my practice we are irrigating with ozonated water and using it in every surgery. 

    Oral DNA LABS:

    Oral DNA test gives me the opportunity to know exactly which type of microorganism is causing bleeding or periodontal issues.  It will also help me with information on how to eradicate or reduce the levels of microorganism. 

    StellaLife (intelligent healing):

    All-natural Stella Life VEGA products provides pain relief and speeds up the healing. 

    I use holistic approach along with traditional periodontal therapies for my patients.  Holistic, known as biological approach to dentistry, is the type of dentistry that takes in account the health of the entire body, not just the teeth and mouth.